Feature: Photos from Subway / AUDIO : Europa FM

Feature: Photos from Subway / AUDIO : Europa FM

Voice in speaker, subway station background: “The permanent conditioning of access to resources imposed by the Ceaușescu family led to abuses that resulted in tens of thousands of victims …”

Voice Over: On a Wednesday, on the subway, there is talk about communism. On the wall of the station???), 60 large photographs one metre by one metre in size were hung, telling stories of the abuses…

Reporter: What do you think of this exhibition?

Visitor: Interesting. but I almost can’t believe it.

Voice Over: Says a man carrying a bicycle on the subway. He’s among the few visitors of the exhibition at this time.

Visitor: Nothing but abuse, abuse, abuse, to people who suffered in their childhood. It is something very serious.

Voice Over: From each photo a man or a woman is looking at you, with a story that is summed up in a few lines.

Andreea, abused victim:  Here, on the subway, I have a photo. A big photo underneath that says abuse in a…

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